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All Science Park

All Science Park Picture. Chung Hsing Park in Nantou County. Text highlighted the location of Chung Hsing Park.

Chung Hsing Park-Land Allocation Map

Chung Hsing Park-Land Allocation Map

All business dedicated area in Chung Hsing Park-land allocation map: the area to be rented has a serial number and area, the rented area is on a white background, with the manufacturer's name and area. Other areas are public land, and there are color-coded uses on the side of the map (water use, substation, traffic, green…), and the "Industries in Chung Hsing Park" is the industry that has been stationed in the park.

1.The above monthly rent does not include 5% business tax.
2.The area of ​​professional zone can be allocated and divided according to the needs of manufacturer.
3.Land use intensity control: construction coverage rate 50%, floor area ratio 200%.

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