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Lease Qualification

※A lessee should meet the Act under article 5 and article 9 of Establishment and Administration of Science Parks, i.e., businesses setting up establishment in the zone include only enterprises, research institutes, incubation centers, and other units approved by the competent authority as well as commerce services units approved by CTSP authority. See application procedure for applying park entry permission."Application Procedure"。


虎尾廠房的樓層配置圖,廠房附有編號,紫底為100坪已租空間,藍底為200坪已租空間,綠底為300坪已租空間,紅底為待租區域 虎尾廠房的樓層配置圖,廠房附有編號,紫底為100坪已租空間,藍底為200坪已租空間,綠底為300坪已租空間,紅底為待租區域

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